Cadillac DTS 2000

Cadillac DTS 2000

One among classic American automobile brands is Cadillac. The company father was an engineer Henry Leland who organized it in 1902, giving his baby a name of Detroit city founder, where the future Cadillac’s plants placed.

The company has obtained 2 prestigious awards Dewar Trophy for contribution into development of automotive industry. One of the awards were given for the idea to make machine parts standardized, the 2nd — for invention of the electric starter. Now Cadillac, previously worked only in American market, set the goals to become a world brand.

Let we introduce to you one of the models — Cadillac DTS 2000.

Cadillac DTS 2000 foto - 1

Cadillac DTS 2000 foto - 2

Cadillac DTS 2000 foto - 3


Cadillac DTS 2000 foto - 5

Cadillac DTS 2000 foto - 6

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